Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The secrets to weight loss

The secret is - there is no secret!
Having spent this morning writing up the documents for the first week on my Lifestyle Overhaul programme, I am struck by the simplicity of a healthy diet, healthy living, even losing weight is simple.  Note well - I did not say easy, I said simple.  The principles of a healthy diet are simple.  We all know them - wholegrains, lots of fruit and veg, lean meat, fish or good quality alternatives (pulses, beans, eggs, nuts).  Exercise too and you've pretty much cracked it, oh, and don't consume more calories than you need and life will be good.

So, why are people struggling (myself included - and I'm a professional!).  Why are people looking around for the quick fix - the secrets to weight loss and a healthy diet?  Because its hard.  It's hard to lose weight and its hard to eat healthily when we are bombarded by (extremely clever!) marketing messages and temptations all over the place.  Its easy to continue as we are, give in, moan a lot and say we'll start again tomorrow (does tomorrow ever come?).

A mindshift is required.  A great deal of thinking about what we want to change and why we want to change it.  Write it down.  Then write down how you are going to achieve it.  Post it on the fridge, on facebook, blog, tell the world.  Then make the small changes that are required to do it.

The hard bit is accepting that you have to make changes to what you eat and how often you exercise.  You need to link it to how you feel.  The meal you eat now will impact on how you feel later.  The exercise you do now will make you feel great when you finish.  Think how the food you put in your mouth will make you feel later on - not now, later on. You know rubbish food makes you feel rubbish and exercise can make you feel fantastic.  Focus on the feelings - do you want to continue to feel tired, flabby and grumpy?

Stop putting off change and make changes now - tomorrow never comes!

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