Sunday, 17 June 2012

Lifestyle Overhaul Programme 2012

Hello, there. Sorry, things have been so quiet on the blog front.  I have been busy working and with family stuff.  You know the usual excuses.

 Anyway, am blogging now as I am very excited to be developing my very own Online programme – six weeks of workouts, nutrition and lifestyle advice to overhaul your life. 

I had a eureka moment and decided that what I was telling my personal training clients on a 1-to-1 basic could be translated onto an online forum to reach (and help) more people.

The six week online programme (through a secret facebook page) includes:  video workouts, nutrition advice, a run/walking programme, posture advice, discussions on emotional eating and stress, and loads and loads of other stuff to help you make changes.

I am really looking forward to this - my personal training clients have had some great results and I think we can do something similar through the internet. 

This is the link to my website where there is a vlog telling you more and a paypal button if you want to enrol. Kick off is 25 June but you need to get on there before so you have all the info before it starts. Good luck!

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