Monday, 8 August 2011

Bikini Tummy Goal

So, just over nine weeks ago now.  I set myself a goal of a flat tummy by the summer holidays, a loss of about 7lbs and therefore I would wear a bikini on my hols!  Well, simply put, I didn't!

Up to about week 4/5 things were going well.  I had lost weight (about 3lbs) and tummy had shrunk a little.  I was working out regularly and fitting in running, resistance work and pilates.  The last half of the challenge went pear-shaped however and here I am now at the same weight as I started (give or take a 1lb) and still with a, slightly, jiggly tummy.  Being a Pilates teacher, I can activate my core and pull everything in - my muscles are strong and I'm pretty happy with those but there is still a covering of fat over the top which needs dealing with!

Oh, and by the way, I had a great holiday, bikini or no bikini!!

But where to go from here?  Well, no regrets, no blame and no looking back (except to see what can be improved upon) - life got in the way, and goals were not met on time.  It doesn't mean it won't happen, it will just take longer and I'm fairly relaxed about that.  There is no failure - you are either taking action or you are not - and I know which I'd rather be.

So, New goal (not wearing a bikini at Christmas) - flat tummy, loss of about 7lb by November (before my 38th birthday), fitter - able to run 8 miles comfortably and do a full press-up.  That's enough goals, I think.  Note that they are SMART - specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

Goals set - step 2, the plan.  You need to set a plan to reach the goals.  A nutrition plan and a fitness plan.

1. Cut down on junk - a lot of icecream has crept into my diet lately!
2. schedule a fitness plan and timetable in your diary - make it a priority.  Luckily my job is fairly active so a lot of that will count but as the children are off school I will have to be clever to fit in my sessions.  I have been known to do a resistance session in the garden, ably assisted by a 2 yr old and 4 yr old, so it is possible!
3. review, change, reschedule when things come up
4. congratulate yourself and keep going (however long it takes!)

Are you going to join me by setting a goal for yourself.  tis 20 weeks till Christmas, you know (sorry!)

This week fitness plan:

Monday: 2.5 mile steady run
Tuesday: 40 min cycle
Wednesday:4 mile run
Thursday: 30 min resistance session
Friday: 30 min pilates session
Saturday: REST
Sunday: 5 mile steady run

wish me luck.

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