Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Missing in Action

Hi, more than two years since I last blogged - what a disgrace!!
I'd like to say that life got in the way and so many different and exciting things happened. But basically, I got lazy, I lost my mojo, had a few health issues and felt I had nothing to say (not like me!)

Anyway, I have lots to say now - mojo is coming back. Health problems are still lingering but out of the doldrums and ready to grasp life by the throat again.

So, as we live life, as we age, we do grow in wisdom - or we should! One good thing is the ability to see what's important in life and to start to live in the moment - to be present in our lives and to enjoy them thoroughly - we don't get to do them again! Even if you believe in reincarnation (my 7 year old is coming back as a dog, apparently!) you ain't doing this life again.

Take a look around - what's important to you? Who do you like spending time with and what do you like to do with that time? And plan to do more of it. Simples. (sorry!).

This year I did this:     Running in beautiful places.

 And this: walking on my own with two mutts for two days (18 miles a day on Offa's Dyke path). Out of my comfort zone but a great adventure.

And finally, the whole family did a whole week of cycling in a fabulous adventure around Norfolk.

You can be assured that I, we, and mutts will be doing more of what makes us happy in the next few months and into 2017. And so should you!

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