Thursday, 27 December 2012

New Year Resolutions

Are you a New Year Resolutions kind of person?  I am, in a way.  I try not to set impossible rules which I then break the next day but I do tend to use this time of year to assess my business and personal goals.  I envisage where I would like to be this time next year.  Some stuff is just pie-in-the-sky but the real dreams can be made into goals.  Once you have a goal, you can then work backwards from there, make it into a plan and start working towards achieving your goals. 

1.  Find a quiet space with a pen and paper, computer or iphone.
2.  Write down where you want to be both personally and professionally this time next year.
3. Take each goal and work backwards - break it down into manageable steps.
4. Put a timescale on each step.
5. Break each step down into smaller steps and timescale those.
6. You should now have a plan than you can work on.  Ideally, you should have something to do each day or most days. If you can do something everyday towards your goals you will be amazed and what you will have achieved by next year.

Good luck.


  1. I'm not really into the resolutions making, but I find this time of year lends itself to a bit of a stocktake, that is looking back at the year gone, seeing what worked or didn't. What I right or wrong and what I need to change in the year ahead. This is both personal and workwise. Often its only by looking back that we can see progress and the way forward.. So no resolutions for me, just clear plans and discarding what I have outgrown in every sense..

  2. That's it in a nutshell, Angela - a stocktake. I like that.