Monday, 10 December 2012

Lose weight - eat less calories (!!!)

Do you believe the calories in versus calories out weightloss solution?  That, if only you could stop eating so much you would lose weight?  That, if only you could run further you would lose weight? That you must be a failure because you are overweight.  That you have no willpower because you can't lose weight. Do you keep reducing the calories and upping the exercise but still get nowhere?

Then you will be relieved to hear that the calories in versus calories out solution is a myth.  It is way too simplistic a solution and, at best, will allow you to lose a little weight initially and then you will stabilise or, at worst, it will make your body burn muscle for fuel, something which you do not want to do as it will slow down your metabolism and you may even put weight on.

The wrong kind of foods (carbohydrates) increase our blood sugar levels leading to a release of the hormone insulin to stabilise the blood sugars.  Insulin converts the sugars to fat and stores it in the cells.  The problems arise when the wrong types of food continue to be consumed over a long time.  Eventually, the cells become resistant to insulin so the body has to produce more to stabilise the blood sugars and the cells stop releasing fat for fuel.  So, we get fat as we are storing everything we eat.  We also continue to  crave food as the cells are not releasing the fat for fuel so we are genuinely hungry.

So, forget about being a failure or lacking in willpower. If you eat the right kind of calories (protein, fats, good carbohydrates )you will lose weight or, more importantly and accurately, you will burn fat. You will also not feel hungry or suffer from cravings. Introduce the right kind of exercise (High Intensity Interval Training) and you will burn even more fat.

So, stop counting calories, depriving yourself and racking up mileage on the treadmill.  Introduce a diet of good-quality protein (meat, fish, eggs, pulses), lots of vegetables with small amounts of good carbohydrates (sweet potato, brown rice).  Stay away from processed food, cakes, biscuits, fruit juice, sugar and sugar products, and do short periods of HIIT exercise every day.  You will feel healthy, full of energy and you will burn fat because your hormones are balanced and your fat cells are now working efficiently.

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